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Born in Lima on June 29, 1980, self-taught in visual arts.

Marull continues his life studies related to contemporary architecture in Lima through the practice of his registered brand, Lima Arte Urbano (Lima Urban Art).

One of his first major recognitions as one of Lima's most talented urban artists was winning the Iberescena award in 2010 in the category of choreography and dramturgical creation. Later, he became the first place winner of the inaugural urban art competition "La Pinta de Lima" ("The Look of Lima") organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima and EMAPE in 2012.

In the year since, Marull has created powerful murals in the capital's main districts such as the historic center of Lma, El Agustino, and San Juan de Lurigancho through the program "Cultura Viva" ("Living Culture") (2011 and 2012), pieces in the Rimac district during the festival "Cantagallo Fest" (2011), and works independently throughout Peru's largest city and its varied urban neighborhoods.

Marull once participated in an exhibition organized by the "Ex-Pulsiones" group held at the San Marcos National University Cultural Center and curated by Jorge Meléndez; he is also a member of the bi-national project "Common Lines" organized by IDEA International, held jointly with artists from Peru and Chile who made creative installations in Lima and Santiago's old downtowns (2013).

More recently, he is a finalist in the 18th National Visual Arts Competition "Passport for an Artist" sponsored by the Alianza Francesa (French Alliance) (2015) and currently has works featured in the traveling exhibition "Terror Gallery" shown in Miami, New York, and Buenos Aires (2014-2015).

Last but not least, Marull is the creator of an intervention media space, Cuarto de Azotea, where he produces videos and video clips with urban themes and is a consultant of visual languages.

He participates in the artist video-performance collective, El Medi0. De la Nada, is the winner of the IBERESCENA award of 2010 in the category of dramaturgical and choreographic creation, and is an associate artist of the space known as elgalpon.espacios which focuses on the creation and dissemination of artistic projects.

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