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LIMA ARTE URBANO is inspired by the by the architectural landscape of the city of Lima. The idea has portrayed the roofs and profiles of the city since 2008 and has become a symbol that aspires to reconcile the personal and collective memory of its inhabitants and visitors generated by the identity of the city through appreciating its particular landscape and overwhelming growth.

This logo contains three representative elements of the Lima landscape:

The CROSS on the hill

cultural syncretism, a symbol of faith, and imposition of the colony over 4,000 years of civilized pre-Hispanic heritage.

The RESERVOIR of water

symbolizing our geographic reality based in a humid desert yet paradoxically without sufficient water for the masses.


representative icon of progress and the aspirations of the working class.

LIMA ARTE URBANO, through different mediums of visual art, not only takes audiences on a journey regarding faith, art, and memory, but also one which addresses the latent desires for progress in a city that never stops.

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